Have you ever looked for a gift that is unique and has a story behind it? Have you ever been looking for a gift that really catches the eye of people around you? The perfect gift in that case is some ancient coin jewelry. When it comes to a piece of history and the land of Israel there is nothing cooler than finding an ancient coin. There are so many stories that a coin can tell. There is the history of when the coin dates to. What was the coin used for? There are also the joys of tying to find coins throughout the land. If you are lucky enough at all ends of the country, you can find ancient coins. Ancient coins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Coins are each unique in how they were made, shaped, and stamped. Ancient coins are also very unique in the fact that each coin is handmade. Coins from the bible times were not made, like today, with modern machinery and massed produced. There is detail in each coin that is preserved throughout time. You can see who the ruler was at the time. Some coins also have markings on them that tell a story of what they were used for and who used them. Every coin has a story.

Biblical coin jewelry from Israel

Biblical coin jewelry from Israel

A fun and cool way to show off ancient coins is by having a coin in jewelry. Coin jewelry is a great conversation piece where you can talk about the story of the coin. You can talk about the history of Israel of when your coin was used and who used you coin. When you wear an ancient coin people’s eyes will be drawn to the it. They will have all kinds of questions. They will want to know where it came from and what it was used for. Coins bring the questions of what was going on in the land at the time. People will want to know who the ruler of the land was. People will also want to know about the imagery on the coin.

A popular coin and coin jewelry are the widows mite coin. These are the coins that Jesus refers to in Luke 21. These small coins are like the last coins that a poor widow gave to the Lord. Wearing this coin as a piece of jewelry is a great reminder of where our priorities should be. This woman gave the last that she had to the Lord. Having this coin is also a reminder of how small it was yet is was all she had left. This is a great piece of jewelry for us to keep in mind what Jesus was calling us to do when it comes to giving.

Another popular and rare coin that people love to have and love to show off are the Jewish Revolt coins. These coins were made for just the short period when Israel was revolting against Rome. These coins are an important piece of Jewish history where they stood up to Rome. This Jewelry is another great conversation piece where you can talk about what it was like for the Jewish people under Rome and what led to their revolt. This will also lead to a discussion about Masada and the holdout of the Jews there. By the piece of jewelry that you are waring, you can tell a number of stories from history.

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