Biblical Archaeology Discoveries

Ancient pottery and coins from the time of the Bible can help bring to light the messages from the bible. These finds give us a deeper understanding of the bible and what life was like during the time of the prophets and Jesus. By understanding the culture behind the text, a deeper and more significant meaning can be drawn from the messages within the bible. Holding an item from the time of the bible gives you a chance to tangibly touch and relate to this history. Stories are held within these archaeological discoveries and you can know and hold these finds yourself!

Zak’s Antiquities Shop, located in the old city of Jerusalem along the Christian quarter, has archaeological finds that Zak has inherited from his father and grandfather. Each piece of pottery, ancient coin, lamp, or shard of glass gives us a glimpse into the past and the time of the bible. Not only are these archaeological discoveries very significant due to their historical value, but they can also bring more depth into how we relate to the bible. Zak Antiquities best Archaeology shopping in Jerusalem

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