Biblical Artifacts Hidden in the Land

The Holy Land is a complex land filled with many hidden biblical artifacts. There are several different regions in ancient Israel: the Judea hill country, Shephelah, and Negev to name a few. Each of these regions reveal different secrets to the history within its land. Many of these artifacts have been discovered and are waiting to tell their story of the past. The region that the artifact is from, the king in charge of the land, and the events going on at the time the artifact was in use all write their story in the design and function of the artifact.

What resources are available determine the material that the artifacts are made of. In addition, the region that the article is from also influences the design of the artifact. Those artifacts that are found along the Philistine Coastal Plain are sometimes found with images of animals or people on them to use for religious activities. On the other hand, antiquities discovered within the lands of ancient biblical Israel show more geometric designs instead of carvings of animals and people due to God’s command to not have any graven images (Exodus 20:4). Therefore, cultural values are portrayed within the design of the artifacts, giving us a chance to look into the past of the ancient Middle East.

Other artifacts like coins and inscriptions offer even more insight into the past. These items are priceless and are able to express the values of the culture during that time. Names of kings and emperors, their take of events, and designs all are captured onto these items. Historians love uncovering one of these items since they are full of such rich history.

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