Family Heirloom from the Holy Land

A family heirloom purchased from the Holy Land holds deep meaning and significance. It brings a family together as they talk about the stories behind the item; its history and the people in the family that have owned the heirloom. You can start your tradition today by purchasing an olive wood figuring or nativity set, ancient coins from the time of Herod the Great or Pontius Pilate, or jewelry made from historical coins or Roman glass that can be worn by family members. You will find many good gifts and artifacts at Zak’s Shop in Jerusalem.

Not only will these items become meaningful to you and your family, but they also hold religious and historical value. Zak offers many items that are thousands of years old! There are coins from the time of Festus, who listened to the Apostle Paul’s trial in Caesarea (Acts 25). Or you can choose an olive wood carving depicting a story from the time of the Gospels, like the the disciples fishing or Jesus knocking at the door, ready to enter (Revelation 3:20). These items will be valued for generations!

You can purchase a gift of meaning from the ancient Israel that will have value for years to come. This gift can be passed down through the generations to people in your own family. They will never forget this special gift that you chose from the sacred place of the Holy Lands. They will continue to tell the stories of the people in their family as they pass the gift down from grandparents, to parents, to children, and grandchildren throughout the ages. By doing so, you will be able to instill the value of respecting and honoring the ancient past from the time of the Bible as well as the history of your family members. 

Check out Zak’s Shop located in the Old City of Jerusalem.

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