Second Temple Period
Jesus Time Ancient Coins
Coins from the second temple is a unique gift for collectors men gifts and useful for teaching so many biblical stories

So many coins used in the first century and was used in the bible time are still discovered in Judea area,

Our collection was discovered in Jerusalem area before the 1970 and was collected by my Grandfather Zakaria Mishriky the great Zak.

All of our ancient coins are identified by Zak and certified by his store while he carries a license to deal with Antiquities from the Department of the IAA which is the Israel Antiquities Authorities.

- - Second Temple

Bronze Jewish Prutah of the First Jewish Revolt Masada CoinBronze Jewish Prutah of the First Jewish Revolt Masada Coin
Freedom of Zion (66-70 A.D.) Bronze Jewish Prutah First Jewish Revolt

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