Bronze Artifacts

Ancient bronze artifacts and other

Bronze Artifacts

  • Byzantine Bronze Cross with Figure of Jesus

    Ancient Byzantine Cross with Jesus – Found in Israel


    Authentic bronze Byzantine cross

    From 6th

  • Ancient Farming Tool – Bronze Mattock, Hoe


    Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age

  • Ancient Hoe

    Ancient Mattock – Hoe


    Ancient farming mattock late bronze

  • Ancient Roman Needle

    Ancient Roman Needle – Found in Jerusalem


    Ancient Roman needle Jesus’ time.

    • 5″
  • Roman Surgical Scalpel

    Ancient Roman Period Surgical Scalpel – Collectors Item!


    Roman surgical tool.

  • Authentic Roman period
  • ancient Dagger Kind David's Period 2

    Ancient Weapon – Bronze Dagger Used in King David Period


    Ancient bronze dagger used in

  • Ancient Bronze Dagger

    Ancient Weapon Bronze Dagger from Jerusalem


    Ancient Bronze Dagger from Jerusalem.

  • Bronze
  • Ancient Weapon Dagger

    Ancient Weapon Roman Dagger from Jerusalem


    Ancient Bronze Dagger from Jerusalem


  • Ancient Weapon War Dagger

    Ancient Weapon Second Temple Period Dagger


    Ancient weapon a bronze dagger

  • Ancient bread seal byzantine period

    Bread Seal Early Christianity Byzantine Period


    Bronze Byzantine period stamp used

  • ancient Byzantine Period cross

    Bronze Byzantine Cross – Christian Antiquity


    Ancient Byzantine cross – dates to