Best Sellers at Zak’s Shop in Jerusalem

Zak’s shop in Jerusalem receives thousands of clients from all around the world purchasing his best selling products. Those returning to Jerusalem know that Zak’s shop is the best place to buy quality antiquities and products in the Holy Land. Zak is a certified antiquities dealer, so you receive a certificate of authenticity with your purchase. When you purchase from Zak you can rest assure that you are receiving a quality product with great customer service. Zak is dedicated to providing you  with a great experience from the Middle East.

Some of Zak’s best sellers include coins, pottery, olive wood carvings, and jewelry. Each piece is carefully preserved and formed to give the best appearance possible. It is incredible looking around Zak’s shop and realizing how much history is in the room. These artifacts are waiting to be purchased to have their stories told all across the world. When you purchase from Zak, you are keeping the memory of the Middle East alive all across the world and in different cultures.

Best Sellers

2 Genuine “Widow’s Mites” in an Engraved Olive Wood Box
Herodian Oil Lamp (1st Century) Found in Israel
Widow’s Mite in Silver Pomegranate Frame Pendant

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