Ancient Biblical Finds

Ancient discoveries in the land of Israel is so much connected to the Torah the Old Testament and the new the cities towns and villages mostly is built on biblical ruins Khirbet of many different names Khirbet Qeiyafa or Lachiesh its ruins which arabic villages are built on. This is the best way to indicate which biblical site we are discovering,

Israel the Only country in the middle east allow antiquities to be sold and invested in. On this site and our shop we sell authorized artifacts and discovered objects as pottery coins and Roman Glass weapon and many other tools which used in the biblical times.

Here we can read more An important and unusual discovery was made in archaeological excavations that were carried out in the Tel Lachish National Park: a gate-shrine from the First Temple period (eighth century B.C.) in what archaeologists perceive as compelling evidence of King Hezekiah’s efforts to abolish worship there. As described in the Bible: “He removed the high places, smashed the sacred stones and cut down the Asherah poles.

The archaeological excavation was conducted in January–March by the Israel Antiquities Authority, at the initiative of the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage and in cooperation with the Nature and Parks Authority. In order to further the continued development of the Tel Lachish National Park.

The northern part of the gate was uncovered decades ago by a British expedition and an expedition of the Tel Aviv University, and the current excavation was engaged in completely exposing the gate. The gate that was revealed in the excavation is the largest one known in the country from the First Temple period.

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Ancient Biblical Finds

A Bronze Roman Key with a Nice Patina AntiquityA Bronze Roman Key with a Nice Patina Antiquity
Coin of Pontius Pilate (26-36 AD) – Tender at Time of Jesus
SaleGreek Silver Tetra Drachma Coin of Alexander the Great
Roman Glass Jar used for Anointment – Found in Samaria
Widow’s Mite in Silver Pomegranate Frame Pendant

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