Coins began to be more widely used in the Middle East in the 4th Century B.C.E. as the Persian army expanded under the leadership of Alexander the Great. Expanded mining operations created an influx of silver that was used to mint new coins and begin a centuries-old practice of spreading propaganda  through these proliferate pieces of metal.

Zak’s shop boasts a wide collection of ancient coins – Greek drachmas, Roman dinnari, Byzantine folli, and others bearing inscriptions from the first and second Jewish revolts. These are fit to be displayed in various modes, whether in a stand on the office desk, in a box on the coffee table, or even strung as a pendant.

An ancient coin is an excellent gift to bless friends or family, and the perfect conversation starter to tell stories of fantastic adventures in the Holy Land. Small but significant, these meaningful coins capture personal experiences and carry them back with you. Drachma, dinnari or follis – each coin will become an heirloom for the next generation to remember old stories and golden times. 

Ancient Coins in Frame

Widow’s Mite Coin in Silver Frame PendantWidow’s Mite Coin in Silver Frame Pendant
Widow’s Mite in Silver Pomegranate Frame Pendant

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