Biblical Artifact Investment

Biblical artifacts hold great meaning and significance, making it a great investment. Pottery found from the time of Abraham, King David, and Jesus holds religious value. When you are able to see and touch these artifacts the stories from the bible become more real and lifelike, giving you something to hold on to.

These biblical artifacts also hold historical value. Many of the coins, Roman glass, and pottery found at Zak’s shop in Jerusalem is thousands of years old. Zak’s collection has arrow heads and oil jugs from the Canaanite period (3000 BC), pottery from the time of Abraham (2000 BC), glass jars and more pottery from the time of King David (12000 BC) and coins and Roman glass from the time of Jesus (1st century AD).

When you purchase these items you are putting your money to work. Instead of investing in stocks and bonds you can invest in ancient artifacts that are always increasing in value. If you go to auctions you will notice that the price these coins go for is always increasing. Therefore, why not invest in something that not only will give you a productive return, but also hold significant historical and religious significance?

Biblical artifacts also make great family heirlooms. Family members can be united as they talk about the timeless significance of the find. They also give a wonderful opportunity to bring the family together as the object from the Holy Land is passed down through the generations.

Select which biblical artificial you would like to invest in today by going to Zak’s Shop in Jerusalem or visiting his websites at or

Biblical Artifact Investment

Herod Agrippa Coin – Bronze Prutah – Minte of JerusalemHerod Agrippa Coin – Bronze Prutah – Minte of Jerusalem
Herodian Clay Jug used for Wine – Time of Jesus

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