The Bronze Age is the period 3300–1200 B.C when objects made of bronze were in use. Many writers have linked the history of the Levant from the Bronze Age onward to events described in the Bible.

The Bronze Age and Iron Age together are sometimes called the “Biblical period”.

Some of the main Bible events under the Bronze Age are:

• Abraham and his son Isaac
• Isaac’s son Jacob – whose name was changed to Israel
• Joseph – sold as a slave into Egypt, but rose to be governor
• Israel as slaves in Egypt
• Moses – the deliverer who led Israel out of Egypt (the Exodus)
• Joshua – succeeded Moses and led Israel into the Promised Land
• Capture of the Promised Land – promised by God to Abraham
• The judges (leaders) until Samuel

Bronze Age pottery artifacts from Israel are a much sought after collectible and make a great investment.

Zak’s Antiquities, located on the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City deals with pottery bowls and vases discovered on archaeological digs in the Holy Land.

Every Bronze age pottery artifact comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).

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Bronze Age Pottery

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