‘Maccabean’ Hasmonean Oil Lamp – Hanukkah Lamp

Hasmonean Period (164 - 35 B.C.)

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  • ‘Maccabean’ Hasmonean Oil Lamp – Hanukkah Lamp

    Pinched Hasmonean Oil Lamp

    • Hanukkah-style oil lamp
    • Small clay lamp
    • Hasmonean period – 164–35 BC
    • Excellent condition
    • IAA Export Approval available.
    • Certificate of authenticity included.
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  • Hasmonean Prutah – Ancient Jewish Coin

    Hasmonean prutah Jewish ancient coin.

    The bronze Hasmonean coins have a variety of symbols, including the double cornucopia (found on the modern NIS 2 Shekel coin), the lily (found on the NIS 1 Shekel coin), the star, and the palm branch.

    The most fascinating aspect of these coins, however, are their inscriptions.

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  • Maccabean Bronze Hasmonean Coin (2nd Century B.C.)

    Ancient bronze coin from the Hasmonean Period

    Good Condition
    Side A: double cornucopia design with a pomegranate in the middle (this same design is on the 2 shekel coin of the current NIS)

    Side B: Paleo-Hebrew inscription with a wreath on the outside. Inscription reads, “Jochanan (John Hyrcanus I or II), the high priest, and council of the Jews.” This indicates the minting authority during Hasmonean rule.

    Comes with a certificate of authenticity and all required documents for export approval

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