Jerusalem is a complex city filled with many hidden biblical artifacts.

The Holy Sepulchre is located just 80 meters from Zak’s antiquities. Built on the place many Christians believe is where Jesus was buried and rose again from.

The Holy Sepulchre was built by the Helena, wife of Constantine the Great and concecrated on 13 September 335 A.D.

The main denominations sharing property over parts of the church are the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic, and to a lesser degree the Coptic Orthodox, Syriac Orthodox and Ethiopian Orthodox.

Many of these artifacts have been discovered and are waiting to tell their story of the past. The region that the artifact is from, the king in charge of the land, and the events going on at the time the artifact was in use all write their story in the design and function of the artifact. What resources that are available also determine the material that the artifacts are made of.

Choose which story you would like to hear by visiting Zak’s Antiquities Shop in Jerusalem and exploring the myriad of biblical artifacts that Zak has available.

Do your part to make sure that these stories from the past are not forgotten.

Zak’s Antiquities is located on the Christian Quarter Road of the Old City.

Zak is one of the first and very few licensed antiquities dealers in Jerusalem.

Holy Sepulchre

Byzantine Belt Buckle (5th Century) – Church of the Holy Sepulchre

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