Ancient Jewish Coins

Ancient Jewish Coins discovered in Israel is a very important tool to  understand the Jewish history in the land by reading what was inspirit on each coin,

Bronze coins from the Maccabees war have the inscription of Jonathan is the Council of the Jews by reading this coin we can understand the Jewish mind set of unhappiness of living with unclean High Priests and they have made their mind fight the Romans to clean the Second temple and have a clean Priest,

Same in as in the Jewish Revolts first and second the coins were script to free the holy Jerusalem

Simon Bar Kochba name was written on the Revolt coin people used their coin for the regional news it was the only  tool can live for long and have a clear few words to motivate encourage and bring understanding what is going on in this area



Ancient Jewish Coin

Bronze Jewish Coin of Pontuis Pilate
Jesus Time Coin The Widow’s Mite Mentioned in Luke 21Jesus Time Coin The Widow’s Mite Mentioned in Luke 21
Jewish Governors Under Rome Coins
Pontuis Pilate Bronze Coin  (26-36 A.D.)
Silver Byzantine Coin
Widow’s Mite Coin in Silver Frame

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