In A Very Unique Biblical Tradition

In a very unique first tradition in the bible time People use to collect their tears in bottle or it was called cups back then.

Iron age period we read in the book of psalms 58:6 King David as God didn’t hid my tears into thy bottle as a sign of God remember our tears,

Hellenistic period and Roman wifes of worriers use to keep their tears in a bottle to show love and missing when husbands return back from wars, Some traditions also tell us husband would rink their women tears and starts Joy,

Jesus time we also read in the new testament Jesus encountered a woman who have poured he tears (tears from before he repentance from the past) and her actual tears dropping from her eyes and other stories

Book of the revelation the 24 Elders ask God

Keep My Tear In Your bottle

Roman Glass Jar used for Anointment – Found in Samaria

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