Artifacts from Mount Gerizim

Mount Gerizim, located on the edge of the ancient town of Shechem, is the mountain of blessings that Joshua and the Israelites first went to when they entered the promise land. In Deuteronomy 11:29 Moses commands the Israelites to go to this mountain top to recite the blessings in order to maintain their covenant with God.

This beautiful mountain is also the home of the Samaritans where they worshipped God. Once you are on top of mount Gerizim it is no wonder that the Samaritans argued that this was the place to worship God instead of in Jerusalem (John 4:20). The mountain stands above the town below it, giving you a clear horizon view of the hills and cities in the distance. Up here on this mountain top people can feel close to God.

Pottery, coins, and other artifacts have been found on this sacred mountain and are available to see and purchase at Zak’s shop in Jerusalem. These antiquities will help you remember Mount Gerizim and sacredness found here.

Mount Gerizim

Cross Bracelet Byzantine Period – 7th-8th Century A.D.
SaleGreek Silver Tetra Drachma Coin of Alexander the Great
Roman Glass Jar used for Anointment – Found in Samaria

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