Zak Shop 24 Jerusalem

Zak shop in Jerusalem Christian Quarter is a family business since 1964

Zak is specialized in Biblical antiquities and ancient coins were mentioned in the bible,

Jwelery round fashion pendants with ancients coins from Jesus time to make a very special and memorable souvenir from Israel

other than many special souvenir hand made gifts as the olive wood

For the last 50 years Mishirky Antiquities  has been selling antiquities to all its friends and loyal customers from all over the world. The present owner and third generation , Zak, has been improving the business constantly as we are moving in to an era of new technology were he has taken the shop from a mere brick and mortar to an online experience were friends and customers can participate a enquire biblical antiquities via the shop website.

The present location of the shop is in close proximity to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the ancient Old City of Jerusalem, Christian quarter, with its rich history of past generations that resided at different times and eras in the city.

In 1964 grandfather Zak bought the shop from a Greek and decided to start selling antiquities combined with Persian brass. When it became a legal requirement to have a license to sell antiquities in Israel, Zak was one of the first merchants that obtain a license to sell antiquities legally.  After grandfather Zak died he was succeeded by Uncle Jacob which continued with the business and he was replaced by Samir (Zak father) after Jacob death in 1983. In 1997 Zak took over the business from his father Samir and change the focus of the shop towards Biblical antiquities. This includes Biblical coins, pottery, roman glass, antiquities inspired jewelry and some other gift items.

zak shop 24 Jerusalem

Byzantine Cross with Figure of Jesus
SaleGreek Silver Coin Alexander the Great
Roman Glass Jar  Used For Anointment
Widow’s Mite Coin in Silver Frame
Widow’s Mite in Pomegranate Frame

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