Gold Theodosius I Coin Mounted in a 14k Gold Bracelet – Made in Jerusalem


Explore the unique blend of history and faith with this Gold Theodosius I Christian Coin Bracelet.

● Total weight: 10 grams.
● Bracelet length: 7″ inch / 17.6 cm.
● Face size: 0.6″ inch / 1.5 cm.
● Two Crosses design.
● Certificate of authenticity.
● Made in Jerusalem.

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The Gold Theodosius I Coin Bracelet is a remarkable piece that seamlessly blends historical significance with the allure of modern jewelry design. At its heart lies an ancient gold coin, minted during the reign of Theodosius I, who ruled the Roman Empire from AD 379 to AD 395.

This era, marked by the emperor’s efforts to promote Christianity throughout the empire, lends a profound cultural and religious significance to the coin itself. The coin is encased in a custom-made 14k gold bracelet, designed to not only protect but also to highlight the historical value of the coin.

The bracelet serves as a bridge, connecting the wearer to the rich tapestry of ancient history.

Crafted in the heart of Jerusalem, this piece carries with it the weight of Christian heritage, enriched by the story of Theodosius I, a Roman Emperor known for his role in establishing Christianity as the empire’s state religion. This article explores the intricate details and the profound symbolism encapsulated in this luxurious bracelet, offering a glimpse into its creation and the ancient tales it embodies.

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