11th Century Bronze Crusader Coin – Sterling Silver Anchor Pendant – Made in Israel


Authentic 11th Century Bronze Crusader Coin Pendant – Sterling Silver Anchor Design – Handcrafted in Israel

● 11th Century Crusader coin.
● Sterling silver Anchor frame.
● Weight: 10 grams.
● Height: 1.68″ / 4.2 cm (Incl bale).
● Minted in Jerusalem.
● Crusader Jerusalem cross.
● Includes a certificate of authenticity.



At the heart of this pendant lies an authentic 11th Century Bronze Crusader Coin, each one steeped in the rich history of the medieval Crusades. These coins are genuine artifacts from a tumultuous era marked by knights, castles, and epic battles, offering a tangible connection to the past. The coin is delicately encased in a beautifully designed anchor-shaped frame, symbolizing stability and strength, crafted from the finest sterling silver.

This unique pendant combines historical and cultural significance with artisan craftsmanship. It features an authentic 11th Century Bronze Crusader Coin, set in a sterling silver anchor-shaped frame, symbolizing strength and stability.

Made in Israel, this piece not only offers a tangible connection to the past but also showcases exquisite metalwork from a region renowned for its historical and religious significance.

The blend of ancient coinage with a nautical motif makes it a distinctive choice for collectors and enthusiasts of history or maritime themes, providing a wearable piece of history that is both meaningful and stylish.

This pendant is not just jewelry; it’s a wearable piece of history, an heirloom that carries the echoes of the past into the modern day. It makes a thoughtful and unique gift for history buffs, coin collectors, or anyone fascinated by the Crusades. Owning this pendant is like holding a piece of the medieval world, offering a tangible connection to the knights and heroes of yesteryears.

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