Earrings: Widow’s Mite Coins – Dangling in Round Sterling Silver Frames – Made in Israel


Embrace the timeless elegance of history with these exquisite Widow’s Mite Coin Earrings, a treasure crafted in the heart of Israel.

Each earring is a portal to the past, featuring authentic Widow’s Mite coins, delicately encased in lustrous round sterling silver frames. With a diameter of 0.47 inches (1.2 cm) and a combined weight of 3.64 grams, these earrings are a testament to the skilled artisanship and rich heritage of ancient coin jewelry.

● Pair weight: 3.64 grams.
● Each diameter: 0.47″ inch / 1.2 cm.
● Made in Israel.

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Earrings featuring Widow’s Mite coins dangling in round sterling silver frames are a unique and historical piece of jewelry that holds both religious and cultural significance. These earrings are meticulously crafted in Israel, where skilled artisans combine ancient coins with modern designs to create a stunning and meaningful accessory.

Description of Widow’s Mite Coin Earrings

The Widow’s Mite coins, which date back to the time of Jesus, are small copper coins that were the smallest and least valuable denomination in ancient Judea. These coins are known for their biblical significance, as they were mentioned in the story of the widow who gave all she had to the Temple. The coins used in these earrings are authentic replicas of the original Widow’s Mite coins, adding an extra layer of historical and religious depth to the jewelry.

The coins are set in round sterling silver frames, creating a delicate and elegant look that is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. The earrings feature a classic French hook design, allowing them to dangle gracefully from the ears. The combination of the ancient coins with the modern sterling silver frames creates a beautiful contrast that makes these earrings truly stand out.

Craftsmanship and Origin of Sterling Silver Frames

The sterling silver frames that hold the Widow’s Mite coins are handcrafted in Israel, a country known for its rich history and tradition of jewelry making. Israeli artisans are renowned for their attention to detail and dedication to preserving the heritage of their craft. Each frame is carefully shaped and polished to perfection, ensuring that the coins are securely held in place.

Sterling silver earrings created with ancient biblical coins from Israel. Made exclusively for Zak antiquities in Jerusalem by our jewelry designer.

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