Money of The Bible – Jewish Governor Coponius Ancient Coin


Money of the Bible: This Biblical AE prutah coin of the Procurator Copnuis on Judea year 6-9 CE, was currency in Jesus time. 

Currency in Jesus time with certificate of authenticity.


Money of the Bible: Ancient coin of Coponius 6-9 CE.

This Biblical AE prutah coin of the Jewish Procurator Copnuis on Judea was currency in Jesus time.

Side A: Inscritp “KAICAPOC” (of Cesar) ear of grain the right.

Side B: Inscript branched palm tree bearing two bunches of dates, LAs year 36=5/6 CE.

Coponuis is one one of the men who ruled on the Holy Land in the first century, when Jesus was a child in Nazareth.

And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him. LUKE 2:40

This money of the bible was circulated under Procurator Coponuis who ruled over Judea. The Cesar in that period was Augustus 27 BCE 14 CE .

This coin was discovered on an archeological excavation in Jerusalem.

This genuine New Testament coin comes with a nice display Stand.

Shipped from Israel with certificate of authenticity by Authorized Dealer by the Israeli Antiquities Authority.

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