Currency in Jesus time – King Herod The Great Coin


Currency in Jesus time: New Testament coin  2 prutot of King Herod the great Ruler of the Holy Land during the time Christ.

Currency used in Jesus time with certificate of authenticity.


Money of the Bible: Ancient coin of King Herod the Great 4 CE.

This Biblical AE  2 prutot 3 grams coin of the King Herod Great was currency in Jesus time.

Side A:  ΉΡΩΔΟΥ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ’ (HEROD the KING) crossed with diadem.

Side B: Tripod table (showbread table) flanked with palm branches.

This coin was discovered on an archeological excavation in south of Jerusalem.

This genuine New Testament coin comes with a nice display Stand.

Shipped from Israel with certificate of authenticity by Authorized Dealer by the Israeli Antiquities Authority.

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Weight .3 kg