Ancient Coin of the ‘First Jewish Revolt’ Masada


Masada Coin – First Jewish Revolt Against Rome year 68 AD.

● Coin of the Jewish First Revolt Masada.
● Minted in Judea year 68 AD.
● Stamped with ‘For the Freedom to Zion’.
● Includes a display stand.
● Certificate of authenticity.
● Shipped direct from Israel.

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Masada coin of the First Jewish Revolt 67 AD.

Material: Bronze.
Denomination: Prutah.
Date: 67 A.D.
Ruler: Zealot Party of the First Jewish Revolt.
Mint: Judea (city unknown).

Ancient coin was minted for two years only under the Zealot faction in Judea during the First Jewish revolt (67-68 and 68-69).

It was minted as a type of war propaganda.

With side A reading: “Taharut Zion” (The Freedom of Zion)

The inscription on side B lists the year of the minting (ex. “Year 2”).

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