Shekel of the Great Revolt Against Rome


Second Temple Silver Tax Coin.

The Jewish War against Rome year April 68-May 69 AD silver coin.

AR Sheqel of Israel year 3.

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Second Temple Silver Tax Coin.

Silver coin marking ‘The Jewish War against Rome’ of April 68-May 69 AD.

AR Shekel of Israel year 3.

Side A: written in ancient Hebrew  Shekel of Israel with ritual chalice and pearled top.

Side B: Script in ancient Hebrew ‘JERUSALEM THE HOLY’ around three pomegranate buds.

The Ritual Chalice has to do with biblical Jewish feasts. Such the festival of Omer which is offering the first fruits of land, Leviticus – 23:9-11.

Pomegranates: A a Jewish symbol from where King Solomon was said to have had his crown designed upon. The pomegranate is also one of the  seven species spoken of in Deuteronomy.

Unique Jewish coins are more than just a  great investment. These artifacts are fascinating historical records of the first century.

First Jewish revolt money was a news source declaring what the Jewish inhabitants of Second Temple period Jerusalem thought and fought for.

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