Two Widow’s Mite Coins in an Olive Wood Box


Two Coins of widow’s mite offering in an olive wood presentation box.

  • Two bronze coins found in Jerusalem.
  • Jesus time coins.
  • The widow’s mite two small coins offering.
  • Coins mentioned in the Bible – Mark 12:43.
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity.
  • Engraved wooden presentation box included.

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Two Widow’s Mite coins in an engraved olive wood box from Bethlehem.

The Widow’s Mite – A New Testament Coin from Jesus’ Time.

  • Widow’s Mite Two Coins.

The widow placed two mites into the offering box, representing her entire livelihood. These coins might have been enough for the widow to buy a loaf of bread to eat, but she chose to offer them to God instead of feeding herself. A pair of widow’s mites can serve as a powerful reminder of the widow’s faith.

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