Gold Byzantine Phocas Coin – Discovered in Jerusalem


Authentic solid gold coin of King Phocas.

  • Sixth Century AD (602-610 A.D.).
  • Emperor of the Byzantine empire.
  • Image of the King.
  • Side B An Angel surrounded by Victory for Constantinople.

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Byzantine Gold Coin (602-610 A.D.) Emperor Phocas of the Byzantine empire.

Side A: d N PHOCAS PERP AVI, Crowned, draped, and cuirassed facing bust, holding globus cruciger.
Side B: VICTORIA AVGU E, Angel facing forward, holding staff placed on top of a Christogram and globus cruciger.

Minted in Constantinople (Istanbul).
Discovered in Jerusalem.

A nice Solidus coin in near perfect condition

This type named nomisma in Greek, which means coin.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity and all required documents for export approval.

Phocas was profoundly suspicious of the aristocrats of Constantinople. He introduced his relatives into high military positions, and ruthlessly cleansed his adversaries.

Shipped to you direct from the Holy Land.

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