Crusaders Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem Coin


Church of the Holy Sepulcher on a silver coin,

● Jerusalem mint Coin.
● Crusader cross pattée.
● BALdVINVS the Third.
● Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
● 870 years old.
● Display stand and certificate included.

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Baldwin III, 1143-1163 AD. Silver Coin.

Jerusalem mint. Crusader cross pattée, BALdVINVS the Third.

Baldwin III’s Silver Saga: A Crusader’s Currency!
Once upon a medieval era, in a land torn by crusades and conquest, Baldwin III ascended the throne, a king with a vision as sharp as the sword he wielded. Under his reign, the billon denier was born, a coin not merely of metal but of might and message. Struck from an alloy of silver, these coins were more than currency; they were a declaration of Baldwin III’s sovereignty over Jerusalem, a treasure chest of ambition and authority.


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