Alexander the Great Tetradrachm Coin – Ancient Greek Coin


Ancient Greek Tetradrachm coin of Alexander the Great.

  • Counter marked Greek coin.
  • Bust of Herakles with lion skin.
  • Zeus seated on Throne.
  • Diameter: 1.3″ inch.
  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • Presentation plastic stand.

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Ancient counter marked coin of Alexander the Great Tetradrachm.

Side A: Head of Herakles with a Lion skin.
Side B: Zeus seated on throne.

Counter marked on the Ear of the bust.

A stunning silver coin of Alexander the Great uncleaned with original Patina.

  • Diameter: 1.3″ inch.
  • Very good condition.
  • Discovered in Israel.
  • Alexander the Great was undefeated in battle and is widely considered one of history’s most successful military commanders.

    This silver tetradrachm coin is a great investment piece.

    Comes with a certificate of authenticity and all required documents for export.

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    Shipped direct from the Holy Land.

    Zak’s Antiquities is the website of Zak’s fine art and antiquities. Located on the Christian Quarter road in Jerusalem’s Old City. The shop began in 1964 and has remained as a family owned and operated business till this day. For the past 50 years Zak’s Antiquities has sold ancient coins, antiquities and art authentic to Israel and Jerusalem.

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