Masada Jewish Revolt against Rome Ancient Coin


Masada Coin Jewish Revolt Against Rome

Jewish Bronze Coin – First Revolt Y 67 AD – Found in Jerusalem – Masada is the last battle of this Revolt.

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Masada Coin First Jewish Revolt against Rome

First Century A.D. Coin of the First Jewish Revolt.

Material: Bronze.
Denomination: Prutah.
Date: 67-69 A.D.
Ruler: Zealot Party leader Simon bar Giora.
Mint: Judea.

Both of these inscriptions use a paleo-Hebrew script known from the time of King David and later reused on Hasmonean coins.

The use of this script alone shows that the Zealots are attempting to restore independence in Judea.

The images on this coin are of a Jewish amphora. Large pottery vessel used for storing water or wine and a grape leaf.

Both these symbols of prosperity and abundance. Josephus, a first century Jewish/Roman historian, explains the events of the first Jewish Revolt in great detail.

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