Simon Bar Kokhba Coin Set in a 14k Gold Pendant with Diamonds


Simon Bar Kokhba coin set in 14k gold and sorunded with diamonds.


  • Authentic coin of Simon bar Kochba.
  • Second Jewish Revolt year 133 AD.
  • Harp of David on ancient coin.
  • 14k gold pendant surrounded with diamonds.
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity.


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14k Gold pendant embedded with diamonds around a ‘Second Jewish Revolt’ coin with the harp of King David.

  • Side A: “For the freedom of Zion” Written in ancient Hebrew.
  • Side B: This is the most unique Jewish coin with the Harp of David.

Ancient Jewish coins would never use an image according to God’s law, but they would use symbols connecting them to their heritage.

After the destruction of the Second Temple of Jews started the second revolt against Rome. This coin issued by Simon Bar Kokhba was designed to rally the military against Roman Hadrian rule year 132 AD in Jerusalem.