Caesar Augustus, Jesus, and the Gospel of Luke: A Numismatic Exploration


Caesar Augustus New Testament Silver Coin

● Silver coin used at the time of Jesus.
● Caesar Augustus census on Judea.
● Mentioned in the Gospels.
● Discovered in Jerusalem.
● Certificate of authenticity is included.
● Comes with a professional display stand.

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Caesar Augustus New Testament Coin: Gospel of Luke Chapter Two

Step back in time and hold a piece of history with this captivating coin, a testament to the birth of Christianity.

Intricate Design:
Adorned with intricate engravings, this coin depicts the iconic scene from the Gospel of Luke, Chapter Two. The obverse features the profile of Caesar Augustus, the Roman emperor who ordered the census that led to Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. The reverse showcases the Nativity, with Mary and Joseph cradling the infant Jesus in a manger, surrounded by adoring shepherds and angels.

Historical Significance:
This coin is not merely a collectible; it’s a tangible connection to the pivotal events that shaped the Christian faith. It commemorates the humble beginnings of Jesus, the Messiah, and the profound impact his birth had on the world.

Exceptional Craftsmanship:
Crafted from high-quality metal, this coin boasts exceptional detail and durability. Its antique finish adds a touch of authenticity, evoking the era in which the Gospel of Luke was written.


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