Emperor Domitian Roman Coin A.D 81 – Found in Jerusalem


Authentic Emperor Domitian Roman Coin A.D 81 – Discovered in Jerusalem

● First Century Roman Coin.
● Caesar Domitian 81 – 96 AD.
● Obverse: Domitian Head – laureate.
● Reverse: CERES AVGVST S C, Ceres standing left.
● Value: 1 Dupondius = ⅛ Denarius.
● Currency: Denarius, Reform of Augustus
● Time of John writing the Book of Revelation.
● Certificate of Authenticity.

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Unearth a piece of ancient history with the Emperor Domitian Roman Coin, minted in the year A.D 81, during the reign of one of Rome’s most enigmatic rulers. This exquisite coin was discovered in the historic grounds of Jerusalem, adding layers of cultural and historical significance to its already rich provenance.

– **Authenticity**: Each coin is certified authentic, ensuring you own a genuine piece of Roman history.
– **Age and Origin**: Struck in A.D 81, this coin is not just an artifact but a snapshot of ancient Roman life and politics. Its discovery in Jerusalem, a city of immense historical and religious significance, enhances its value and appeal.
– **Material**: Crafted from durable bronze, this coin has withstood the test of time. Its patina tells stories of the ages it has passed through, from the ancient Roman streets to its resting place in Jerusalem.

– **Design**: The obverse features a detailed portrait of Emperor Domitian, characterized by intricate engravings that highlight his distinct facial features and regal attire. The reverse may vary but often includes classic Roman motifs and inscriptions, celebrating various deities or triumphs, which encapsulate the glory of the Roman Empire.

– **Numismatic Condition**: Despite its age, the coin is preserved in fine condition with clear and legible inscriptions, making it a standout collector’s item.

– **Cultural Significance**: With its roots in Jerusalem, this coin not only represents Roman history but also the complex layers of one of the world’s oldest cities. It embodies the intersection of various cultures and histories.
– **Investment Value**: Coins like these are more than just collectibles; they are investments in history. Their value appreciates over time, making them a wise choice for collectors and investors alike.
– **Educational Worth**: This coin serves as an educational tool, offering insights into Roman art, economy, and society. It is an excellent resource for Numismatics collectors, students, historians, and anyone interested in ancient civilizations.

Owning the Emperor Domitian Roman Coin from A.D 81 is an opportunity to experience a piece of the grandeur of ancient Rome merged with the mystique of Jerusalem. It is an investment in beauty, history, and education, appealing not only to coin collectors but to anyone fascinated by the rich tapestry of our world’s past. This coin is not merely a purchase; it’s an inheritance from antiquity, promising to enrich your collection and captivate the imaginations of generations to come.


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