First Temple Period Oil Lamp and a Juglet- The Prophets Era


First Temple Period oil Lamp and a Juglet

  • Ancient Biblical pottery.
  • Iron Age II B-C (701-586 BCE).
  • Black oil filler height: 4″ inches.
  • Red clay oil lamp width: 5″ inches.
  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • Nice presentation stand included.

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Pottery from the First Temple period discovered in Israel.

This set of vessels is dated to the Iron Age II B-C (701-586 BC). This period, also known as the First Temple period, is one of the most important periods in the Jewish and Biblical history of the Holy Land: Its importance stems mainly from the important role of the First Temple and the work of sacrifice in Jerusalem, and the existence of the independent Kingdom of Judea in the Holy Land. This is also the period in which the ancient prophets, including Isaiah and Jeremiah were active, and their spiritual prophecies were created on the background of this important period.

The juglet and the oil lamp in this set are an example of everyday vessels that were used by the people of Judea during the First Temple period. The juglet in the set was found in many archeological excavations of the First Temple period. It is one of the most typical vessels of the eighth-sixth century BC in the Judean region. The small dimensions of this jug apparently indicate the fact that it contained some precious oils. A variable typology of the shape of this vessel can be indicated according to a chronological stage: at the beginning of the first temple period the juglet handle was higher, while in the second half of the period (8th -6th Centuries BC) the handle descends, as in the vessel in the set.

The oil lamp shown in the set, meanwhile, is of the shallow rounded bowl type, and indeed, It is shaped like a simple bowl with a curved rim and a pinched spout, where the burning wick was placed. This lamp is an example of the simple but very functional design of the shape of the vessel designed to illuminate the domestic area in the night time. It can be seen that this lamp was used in antiquity according to the black marks left in the nozzle, where the burning wick was placed.

This set of ancient vessels is a typical example of vessels that were in use in the Judean household during the First Temple Period. as described in the books of kings. These ancient vessels were an integral part of the lifestyle of the people of the Holy Land during this important period.