Herodian Terracotta Cooking Pot – Discovered in Jerusalem


Ancient Herodian cooking pot (Jesus’ time).

  • Jesus time pottery.
  • First century daily use.
  • Charred Herodian pottery.
  • Second Temple period.
  • Certificate of authenticity.


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Herod the great period and style of Daily life Cooking Pot.

Herodian Terracotta cooking pot (Jesus’ time).

This type of clay and pottery is very distinctive of first century Judean pottery.

Discovered in Jerusalem.
Size: 5″ inches High.

Charred and red color of clay pottery.

Archaeology clearly confirms the fact that Herod was a real person. During an expedition in 1996, at a fortress named Masada, archaeologists uncovered beautiful piece of a two-handled, clay, wine jug that had Herod’s name on it.

This piece of pottery was dated to around 19 BC. “The Latin inscription [on the piece of clay] says either “HEROD, KING OF JUDEA” or “HEROD, KING OF THE JEWS.” This is a perfect example of how archaeology supports what the Bible says.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity and all required documents for export approval.

Shipped direct from the Holy Land.

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