Ancient Clay Ointment Jar: A Relic from the Second Temple Period


Second Temple Period Small Clay

● First Century Juglet gray color.
● A handle connected to small spout.
● Round base with decorated body with rims.
● Hight: 3″ inches / Width: 2″ inches.
● Certificate of authenticity included.

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First Century Ointment Jar – Second Temple Period Clay


This authentic clay ointment jar, dating back to the Second Temple Period (1st century A.D), offers a tangible connection to ancient Jewish history. Its unique features include:

Authenticity: Excavated from archaeological sites in Israel, ensuring its historical significance.
Intact Condition: Preserved in remarkable condition, providing a glimpse into everyday life during the Second Temple era.
Historical Value: A valuable artifact for collectors, historians, and those interested in Jewish heritage.
Educational Tool: Provides a tangible link to the past, fostering understanding of ancient Jewish practices and beliefs.
* Unique Collectible: A rare and exclusive piece that adds depth to any collection of historical artifacts.


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