Hasmonean Bowl and Flask Set – Roman Period Pottery


Ancient pottery set

  • Hasmonean period bowl and flask.
  • Height: flask 6″ inch / Height bowl: 3.4″ inch.
  • Pottery used daily in the Second Temple period.
  • Fine Condition found in Israel.
  • Certificate of authenticity and stands included.


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Ancient Hellenistic Pottery First century B.C.

Bowls and bottles of this type were common in the first century before Christ throughout the Holy Land, and especially in northern parts of Jerusalem.

The bowl, designed in a simple and modest way, suited the daily lives of the inhabitants of Judah. Typical of the wares that would have been carried by those who had left their homes.

The bottle contained liquids that could have been poured into the bowl.
Clay bowls and bottles like the ones in this set have been found in many archeological excavations throughout the Holy Land, and bowls like the one in this set were found is Qumran.

Pottery bottles such as the one in this set began to appear during the Hasmonean period, when there was Jewish independence in the Land of Israel for the first time. They have continued to be used and develop during the period of Jesus life and at the Herodian period as well.

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