Late Bronze Age I-II Red Shaved Ware – Oil Juglet


Late Bronze period Knife shaved dipper jug

This juglet is a certified artifact, meticulously curated by a licensed antiquities dealer in Jerusalem.

● Handle connecting the body with the neck.
● Height: 8.2″ / 2o cm – Width: 3.2″ / 8 cm.
● Pointed bottom shows its coil made.
● IAA number is #1909.
● Late bronze I 1400- 1300 BC.

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Knife Shaved Late Bronze Period Oil Dipper Juglet

The Late Bronze Age (circa 1400–1300 BC) was a period of significant cultural and political change in the ancient Near East. It was a time when empires rose and fell, trade networks expanded, and artistic expression flourished. Among the material culture of this era, Red Shaved Ware stands out for its distinctive style and the insights it provides into the lives of the people who created and used these artifacts.

Unearthing the Past: Exploring the Significance of Red Shaved Ware in the Late Bronze Age I-II

Red Shaved Ware, characterized by its fine red slip and clean-shaven surfaces, is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of Late Bronze Age potters. These ceramics are often found in archaeological sites across the Levant, including modern-day Israel, Jordan, and Syria. The prevalence of Red Shaved Ware in domestic and funerary contexts suggests its role in the daily life and afterlife beliefs of ancient societies. Scholars have noted the uniformity in style and production techniques, indicating a shared cultural or trade network that spanned the region.

Late Bronze period is parallel to the time of Joshua and the book of Exodus.
Red knife shaved juglet.
Handle connecting the body with the neck.
Used as a dipper for storing and pouring oil.
Pointed bottom shows its coil made.
Late bronze I 1400 – 1300 BC Exodus era.

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