Red Painted Cypriot Bibil – Iron Age II Juglet


Iron Age II Juglet Painted in Red and Black


  • Perfume Clay jug 1050 B.C.
  • Delicate handle connecting the body with Neck.
  • Height: 3″ / Width: 2″ inches.
  • Discovered in Hazor.
  • Includes IAA export Approval and Certificate.


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Iron age painted Jug 1050 years before Christ.

The term Cypriot – Phoenician pottery was coined in Palestinian archeology, and not used in Cyprus.
This term refers in facts to one ware only, the Red and Black.
But for the convenience it is applied to all Cypriot Phoenician of Iron age wares found in Israel.

This Red and Black colored small juglet with tight narrow neck, most probably used for Perfume by leaxary Inhapitans of the land 1050 years before Christ.

It is unusual pottery from the First Temple period.

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