Ancient Alabaster Perfume Jar


Alabaster Stone Perfume Jar found in Israel

● Vase shape excellent condition.
● Height: 2.5″ / width: 1.8″.
● Iron Age II 800 – 550 B.C.
● Certificate of authenticity included.

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Iron Age II White Alabaster Perfume Jar

This Ancient Alabaster Perfume Jar, discovered in Jerusalem and dating back to the First Temple period, is a rare and exquisite artifact. Key features include its craftsmanship from alabaster, a material prized for its beauty and durability, and its historical significance as a luxury item used for storing precious perfumes. Benefits of owning this jar include its value as a collector’s item, its connection to ancient history, and its potential as a conversation piece. Unique selling points are its authenticity, its origin from a significant historical era, and its representation of ancient cultural practices.

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