Ancient Storage Jar from the Late Bronze Period Exodus Period


Late bronze age 1550 – 1200 BC oil and wine storage jar.

  • Commercial Jar.
  • Two handled with point base.
  • Height 16.5″ – width 13″.
  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • Includes a nice presentation stand.
  • Description

    Late bronze age 1550 – 1200 BC storage jar.

    The Late bronze period is known for the development of trade in the ancient near east.
    This period marks the beginning of the growth for the international canaanite commercial trade, This jar was made intentionally for trade.

    The late bronze period is considered to be the period of Exodus and the books of Judges and Joshua.

    This type of ancient jars usually contained precious liquids such as oil or wine.

    which influence known commercial trade in industrial scale, goods were transported with ships between regions.
    This Jar with two handles easier to cary along with this elongated body shape.

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    Weight 3 kg