Late Bronze Amphora Decorated with Geometric Pattern


Two handled painted late bronze period vase food storage.

  • VF two handled late Bronze period amphora.
  • Geometric ancient read painting.
  • Biblical time is Joshua and the Exodus.
  • Height: 12″ width 11″.
  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • Shipped from Jerusalem.

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Two handled painted late bronze period vase food storage.

Ancient painted pottery 3800 years old found in Jerusalem.

The growing of ancient Israel is currently viewed as a process within the wider frame work of history of the Holy Land. A great understanding of Iron Age Israel requires, therefore the history of the land in earlier periods.

The course will deal with the archaeology of Canaan during the Late Bronze Age and the early Iron I period (ca (1500 B.C until 1050 B.C).

This period saw the flourishing and decline of Canaanite culture as well as the growth and collapse of the Egyptian empire that ruled the country.

It is also the time in which both Philistine and Israelite cultures started to develop. Traditionally this the time of Exodus and the last books of Moses, Joshua is the main figure in that Period.

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