King David Period Pottery Wine Decanter – Iron Age


Israelite clay decanter from the Iron Age.

  • Height: 9″ / 23.
  • Found in Jerusalem.
  • Red varnished pottery – typical Iron age.
  • Certificate of authenticity included.


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King David Terracotta wine decanter from the Iron Age I (1000-800 B.C).

  • Height: 9″ / 23 cm.
  • Found in Jerusalem.

The King David Terracotta Wine Decanter is one of the most characteristic Iron Age forms in the north as well as in the south. The shape of the body and the generally rigid neck, with the handle drawn from the ridge are common to all the members of this group but there are significant difference lightly in both. It was probably used for wine.

He also strengthened the fortresses and put officers in them and stores of food, oil and wine. He put shields and spears in every city and strengthened them greatly. So he held Judah and Benjamin. (2 Chronicles 11:11-12)

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