Roman Glass Bottle – Ancient Tear Catcher from Jerusalem


Roman Glass Tear Catcher Jesus Time found in Jerusalem.

    ● First Century glass bottle.
    ● Hight: 4″ / 10 cm.
    ● Fully covered with blue gold patina.
    ● Four inches tear shape LACHRYMATORY.
    ● Ancient Roman glass found in Israel.
    ● Certificate of authenticity included.

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“You have collected all my tears in your bottle.”

This very delicate light tear shape bottle was found in around the Biet El excavation before the year 1978. This beautiful piece became part of the famous Teddy Kollek collection before being picked up by Zak’s Antiquities at an auction.

Glass in ancient Rome was created in two stages. First the raw material was smelted from sand in intense heat then passed onto blowers to form the intended product.

Ancient glass, many archeologists believe started in Syria and Sidon. After the Romans invaded the area, they took the development of glass manufacturing and blowing one step further to create the amazing pieces we find today.

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