Babylonian Arrowhead First Temple Period found In Jerusalem


Nebuchadnezzar period Babylonian arrowhead found in Jerusalem.

  • First Temple period weapon.
  • Bronze arrowhead.
  • 7th-6th centuries BC.
  • Length: 1″ inch.
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity.

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Babylonian arrowhead – the days of the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem.

This arrowhead made of bronze dates back to the 7th-6th centuries BC. This arrowhead belongs to the group of “Scytho-Iranian” arrows, which indicates its origin in the eastern regions of the ancient Near East, which were known for the excellent archery skills of their people. Arrowheads of this type were already used by the Assyrians at the end of the seventh century BC, but they became more common during the military conquests of the Babylonian armies, in which the kingdom of Judea was conquered and the First Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC.

In Zedekiah’s ninth year as king, on the tenth day of the tenth month,[a] King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia led his entire army to attack Jerusalem. The troops set up camp outside the city and built ramps up to the city walls.
(2 Kings 25:1)

The most important innovation of this arrowhead that distinguishes it from the arrowheads that preceded it is the fact that it has three “wings”, which have improved the aerodynamics of this weapon while it was shoot against an enemy. Also, while the ancient arrowheads had a pointed part that attached them to the wooden stick, this arrowhead has a recess into which the wooden part enters, which ensured that the arrowhead remained stuck in the enemy body when the stick was pulled out, increasing the lethality of this arrowhead.

This type of arrowhead is found in a variety of sites of the destruction of the First Temple and is a testament to the turbulent days of the end of the First Temple period in the Holy Land, during the difficult time prophesied by the prophet Jeremiah. The Arrowhead has been preserved for 2600 years in excellent condition with a nice green layer of patina, and it presents a dramatic historical story, according to the Biblical narrator.

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