Crusader Cross Pendant – Crusaders in Jerusalem


Eleventh century metal cross found in Israel

  • Simple Crusader cross.
  • Tenth century cross.
  • Length 1.2″ inches.
  • Ancient Christianity.
  • Certified antiquity.

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Crusader bronze cross pendant discovered in Jerusalem.

Eleventh century metal cross found in Israel.
Crusaders took Jerusalem after two months of siege, Christian in Jerusalem they were persecuted by the rulers and asked for help.
The crusaders troops did achieve their goal, the Holy City had become christian and was in a Christian Hands.

Crusader artifacts are more rare to find in Jerusalem because the metal used is more correctable than bronze.

Zak’s Antiquities is Located on the Christian Quarter road in Jerusalem’s Old City. The shop began in 1964 and has remained as a family owned and operated business till this day. For the past 50 years Zak’s Antiquities has sold ancient coins, antiquities and art authentic to Israel and Jerusalem.

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