Loren Sherffler

In the heart of Jerusalem’s old town there is a quaint little shop called Zacks treasures. Every time I get a chance to travel to The land of the Bible, I always make it a point to stop and look at all of his ancient treasures. There are a number of shops throughout the old city, but there is only one that I trust to buy artifacts. I have purchased a number of unique items that I use as illustrations while preaching. If I’m preaching on the widows offering, I can show the crowd the humble coin given from her poverty. If I’m preaching on being a light in the dark world I can hold up my first century oil lamp. When Jesus said who’s inscription is on this coin I can hold up the first century denarius and say render to Caesar those things that bear his image and give to God those things that bear his. If you are in Jerusalem you must meet my friend Zack and take home one of your own special treasures .