Tourist’s Thrilling Experience at Zak’s Antiquities Shop

When walking into Zak’s shop a feeling of history and culture envelops the person. Zak’s Antiquities Shop is located in the Christian quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. After walking down the narrow streets crowded with vendors you enter Zak’s Shop full of pottery, coins, jewelry, Roman glass, olive wood carvings, and other antiquities. This is the place to see, touch, and feel artifacts from the bible. Zak’s Shop has been selling antiquities and products  since his grandfather established the business in 1964, and Zak is committed to continue his grandfather’s legacy. This shop provides jobs for many local workers, like olive wood carvers. Zak offers quality service as a certified antiquities dealer to those looking for a chance to experience the bible in a tangible way.

Jerusalem is a holy city for three main religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Multiple historic sites are located throughout the old city, making it a dynamic and unique place to be. Zak’s Antiquities Shop has artifacts from many of these sites, letting you take a piece of the past home with you to remember your time here. Purchase an artifact from the past to experience the sacred scriptures in a new and memorable way.

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