The Second Jewish Revolt Coin 135 AD – Half a Denomination


Simon Bar Kokhba Coin 135 After Christ

● Half a coin the small denomination.
● Jewish Coin with the name Simon – Minted in Judea.
● Side A: Palm tree represents victory with letters saying Simon.
● Side B: Bunch of grapes with saying ‘For the Freedom of Jerusalem’.
● Coins of the Second Revolt against Rome y 132 – 135 AD.

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The Palm Symbolism in Jewish Tradition Explored

The palm tree, prominently featured on Bar Kokhba’s coins, holds profound significance in Jewish tradition, symbolizing peace, victory, and eternal life. Its appearance on the coins of the revolt is emblematic of the Jewish people’s enduring aspiration for peace and prosperity in their homeland. In the Biblical context, the palm is frequently associated with righteousness and flourishing, characteristics that the rebels likely sought to embody in their struggle against Roman oppression.

In addition to its biblical connotations, the palm tree is deeply embedded in the rituals and festivities of Jewish life. It plays a central role during Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, where palm branches are part of the Four Species used in ceremonial observances. This connection between the palm and one of the most joyous Jewish festivals adds layers of cultural and religious meaning to its depiction on the coins, intertwining the hope for political sovereignty with spiritual renewal.


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