Authentic ancient coins from Greek Period (800 – 500 B.C.) to Byzantine Period (332 – 638 A.D.)

Ancient Coins

Here you shall find many rare collectible ancient and biblical coins have been discovered on archaeological excavations in the Holy Land.

  • Widow’s mite.
  • Tribute penny.
  • Coin in the fish’s mouth.
  • Thirty pieces of silver.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Israel Antiquities Authority and all required documents for export approval.

Zak’s antiquities specializes in Roman coins and Biblical coins including the denarius and widow’s mite coins from the time of Jesus.

Zak’s antiquities is a family owned business on the Christian Quarter road since 1964.

You are invited to visit Zak and experience the bustling surrounding his store. Come and enjoy a cup of tea and chat about the vast range of antiquity. His knowledge of antiquity and biblical coins shall fascinate you.

Orders are shipped to you direct from Jerusalem.

Ancient Coins

2 Genuine “Widow’s Mites” in an Engraved Olive Wood Box
Ancient Jewish Bronze Coin of Pontuis Pilate   (26-36 A.D.)
Antonius Felix Coin – Jewish Governors Under Rome in Jerusalem
Authentic Bronze coin of Roman Emperor Constantine III (375 A.D.)

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