Meet friends of Zak’s Antiquities in Jerusalem.

Zak’s Antiquities in Jerusalem, throughout generations has developed many good and faithful clients.

We believe that good friends and clients are the greatest asset to any business anywhere, especially in a place like Jerusalem.

Lovers of Jerusalem remain attached in many ways and communicate and visit with us for a lifetime.

An often repeated saying worldwide is “Next year in Jerusalem”. This is the eternal heart of all our clients that feel the biblical connection to the land and re-enforce that relationship with the Holy Land by taking back a gift of antiquity to remain connected.

Our Antiquities online connects all people with the history of Jerusalem the Land were Jesus Christ walked.

Some of our friends have been to Israel over 30 times that testifies to the experience to the they have had in Zak’s antiquities here in the heart of Jerusalem’s old city.

Zak’s Antiquities in a local business in Jerusalem since 1964.


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